My Book Bullet Journal

This year I decided to not set a numerical reading goal. Instead, I will be focusing on other objectives including reading from my unread shelf, significantly limiting my book buying, and tackling some of the bigger books on my shelves. I’ve also decided to keep a bullet journal (#bujo) to track my books and other elements of my reading life. Mostly, I want the journal to hold me accountable for following my goals and being more thoughtful about my book purchases. If your curious about what a BuJo even is, I recommend checking out the Instagram hashtag #bujoforbooklovers before reading my post. I get a lot of my journal inspiration from there.

The Bullet Journal:

Let’s begin with my supplies. The bullet journal, highlighters, and pens were all purchased from Amazon (see links). And the washi tape is Scotch brand from Target. You will also need a ruler (not pictured).


Let me take you on a tour of some of the pages in my BuJo, beginning with my goals. My goals are one of the first pages in my bullet journal. The key on the left-hand side is for my unread shelf pages, which will make more sense in a moment.


I have *ahem* quite a few pages for my unread shelves. I decided to color code my books by genre, hence the key. This might seem insane, but it really helps me locate a book more quickly across multiple pages. I could have alphabetized the books by author, but I will continue to add unread books as I collect them throughout this year, therefore that seemed like a system that wouldn’t be manageable for me.


Here’s a closer look at the chart at the top of the page. I created a color-coded section entitled FORMAT to keep track of which books I have on my kindle, on paper, and on audio. Some books I have in more the one format.


Other Pages:

My list of books I will have read in 2018.


The Book of the Month selections with my picks highlighted.


I’ve added some book club and reading challenge pages to my bullet journal. I don’t really have any formal plans to follow them, but I thought it would be fun to keep track of the selections and read books when my own shelves fit in.


I also created a page for the Man Booker Prize finalists. The highlighted books are the ones I own copies of. I even left a blank page for the 2018 finalists.


My favorite pages are my TBR Bingo sheets. I got this idea from some very clever Bookstagrammers. When I read five in a row, I will reward myself with a prize. I’m thinking a new enamel pin or a trip to the movies, but not a book. I’ve categorized my bingo pages by fiction and nonfiction books on my unread shelves.


And there you have it! If you’re interested in learning more about bullet journals for reading, I highly recommend following the hashtag #bujoforbooklovers on Instagram. If you want to tackle your unread shelf in 2018, follow Whitney and the hashtag #theunreadshelfproject2018 on Instagram to learn more!

Do you BuJo? Tell me about the supplies you use or any cool pages you’ve added in the comments!

Author: thereadingnixon

Educator & avid reader living in NYC.

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