Hello! I’m Sara, creator of The Reading Nixon and coffee addict. I began this blog as an extension of my “Bookstagram” account by the same name. I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts on books without a character limit. When I “review” books, my writing is less about plot summary, and more about my impressions and feelings about a book and the author’s writing. I actually prefer NOT to write plot summaries, but will often include a description of a book from various sources (Goodreads, Amazon, the book jacket) which I credit in the post. My hope is that you leave each post with an understanding of a book’s mood and style.

I live in the East Village and moved to NYC from Nashville three years ago. I’m a true Nashvillian, born and raised, and my family still lives in the music city. Recently I graduated from Bank Street College of Education with a master’s in Museum Education & Childhood Education. I currently teach 3rd grade at a school in Brooklyn and absolutely love my job. When I’m not working long days, and sometimes weekends (the life of a teacher, amirite?), I spend my time visiting museums, going to karaoke bars, eating all kinds of delicious food around the city, and of course, reading.

Why The Reading Nixon? Nixon is my last name, and well, Sara/h is a very common first name. It can be pretty annoying to never be the only Sara/h in the room. Many of my friends and co-workers call me either by my first AND last name together, or just my last name. It’s just easier. The title is also a subtle nod to the ground-breaking TV show The Reading Rainbow. PBS kid forever!

Please use the contact page to ask me anything or just say hello. Thank you for visiting!